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In a country like India, one needs to follow all the traditions and auspicious mantras so as
to move forward in life. Predicting the future and marriage compatibility of a person is what
drives us towards the astrological world. As per the Vedic astrology kundali matching in
our culture is something we follow at all times in order to get two love birds in a life long
relationship with each other. I’m sure that, almost every parent in India considers the
procedure of kundali matching songs to get their children married in the old school angel.
Matching kundalis of the two people into consideration gives us a clear picture of the
compatibilities of the groom and the bride, the physical, emotional, mental, and financial
compatibilities are laid out clearly by our astrologers. 


Speaking of analyzing the kundalis, one needs to take a look into all the aspects of the two
natives’ life. From their compatibilities to any doshas if present one shall take a  peep into
all such things and especially considering the ways to rectify these doshas is extremely
important. There are several doshas identified in one’s kundali and these doshas have
their own respective share of adverse circumstances so one might consider taking care of
thee before entering into wedlock. There are a few major doshas, pitra Nadi, Kaal Sarp
mangal, and Rahu dosha. So, now let us focus on the remedies and poojas involved in
rectifying these doshas. 

Pitra dosha has some quite adverse circumstances on one’s kundali. It occurs when our
forefathers or our ancestors have not received the proper last rites and the current
generation needs to face the karma of their forefathers. This dosha causes some unhappy
incidents in one’s life, so it’s quite important for one to rectify this dosha through Pitra
nivaran puja. This puja helps give us mental relief and gives us financial stability.
Moreover, it also builds harmony, this puja is a sure shot way to get rid of this dosha.

The presence of Nadi dosha might cause a lack of love attraction in one’s life, some health
issues, unrest in marriage and there is also a possibility of infertility. By initiating a Nadi
nivaran puja one can expect a certain level of harmony in one’s life and it also removes
any malefic effects in one’s married life. 

This dosha is formed when all the major planets are aligned between Rahu and Ketu and
this dosha might cause a lot of difficulties in the native’s life. This dosha can be rectified by
a nivaran Kaal carp puja, this puja will help rule out any malefic effects in one’s married life, it will stabilize personal and professional life, provides peace of mind and it will also
help us attain a path of success. 

Mangal dosha can occur in one’s kundali when the positioning of the planet mars is in 1st,
2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the astrological chart, and this can cause a delay in
one’s career and marriage. Mangal nivaran puja will help remove the melodic effects of
this dosha, it will stabilize persona and professional life and remove obstacles in the path
of success.