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There are various different yogas that are visible during kundali matching. These yogas are
formed due to the placement of different planets in the celestial system at the time of your
The date of your birth, time of your birth, place of your birth, and your name as well matters
a great deal on the type of yoga that will be visible in your kundali.
Yoga can have both good as well as bad effects on your life. The yogas having bad effects are
called doshas. Knowing about the effects and causes of these yogas will help you in knowing
your future in a much better way.

Gajakeshari Yoga:

This is a very powerful yoga that can be visible during kundali matching. With this yoga in
your kundali, you are likely to become one of the most successful people. This yoga takes
place due to the presence of the Moon and the planet Jupiter.
It is said that all Vedic texts have mentioned that this yoga is very efficient in making your
life much better. Gaja here means the animal elephant and Kesari means lion. With the
combination of these two very powerful animals, Gajakeshari yoga has been defined to be
so powerful.

Vipreet Raj Yoga:

This too is a very powerful yoga and considered to be one of the most important ones as
well. With this yoga in your life, you will become wealthy, intellectual, and have a blissful life
in the future.
The presence of this yoga is seen in your kundali when the gods of the sixth, eighth, and
twelfth houses happen to be in their own signs or they exchange their houses with one
another. These planets are advised to not be in conjugate with any other house in the
kundali too.

MahaBhagya Yoga:

This pretty powerful yoga is made of two words, Maha which means something great or big, and Bhagya which means good wealth or fortune. Therefore, the visibility of this yoga
during kundali matching will bestow upon you a great amount of wealth.
Generally, this yoga is present in the lives of big and famous people like celebrities,
sportsperson,s and renowned businessmen. This yoga happens due to the placement of the
Moon and Sun in your kundali. It will make it’s native very rich as well as pretty powerful in
every aspect.

ShubhKartari Yoga:

Lagna is said to be the most important house of your kundali and thus this house has to be
the most powerful one as well. This particular yoga will hence be seen if any two very strong
planets are placed at either side of the Lagna.

With this yoga in your life, chances are that you will become a knowledgeable, controlling,
wealthy, healthy and have all the success in your life.

Akhanda Samrajya Yoga:

If this yoga is present in your kundali then you will become the ruler or the head of any
place. You tend to be an amazing influencer and are good at leaving your mark on society as well as the people around you. Because of such benefits, this yoga is particularly visible in the life of big political people at the
time of kundali matching. The different houses responsible for this yoga are second, fifth,
ninth, and eleventh.

Grahan Yoga:

This yoga has bad effects on your life. It can also be called a dosha. With Grahan
Yoga visible during kundali matching, the kids tend to go through several health issues,
couples find it tough to have a baby and a lot of problems tend to arise at your domestic
This particular yoga is formed due to the presence of Rahu, Ketu, Sun, and the Moon. You
will achieve slow progress in your life and there will be numerous hurdles in your life as


As you must have observed, with the presence of good yogas in your life, you are likely to
achieve great things in your life. These yogas help you reach your goals and make your life
pretty smooth as well as eliminates hurdles from it.
However, the presence of malefic yogas can ruin your life on an everyday basis. You need to
be well aware of the presence of such yogas or doshas.