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The BEST and EASY guide for Kundali Matching


How often does it happen that we hear the word ‘ Janma Kundali’ (Birth chart )?
The answer can be – quite often. Hindu community has set it’s a firm belief on Matrimony
and the bliss that is related to it and the pavement to ensure the harmony between a couple.
Yes, you got it right. It is the horoscopes that we are talking about here. Kundali matching is
the analysis of the bride and groom’s natal charts to ensure compatibility and peace between
the two people. It helps to determine the couple’s perspective. It also provides many
remedies and solutions to ensure proper matchmaking. In the present scenario, where
everything is technical and digital, some people think these astrological aspects to be a bit
old-school and Orthodox but it is not. It is Vedic science behind this that calculates the
harmony and bonding between the couple, which is a good thing to go. A big part of Hindu
marriages relies on this as, a conventional system of a ritual as pure as Marriage requires
some positive vibes from this side as well. Elders make sure that the match is not
inappropriate and they stay satisfied without any doubt screaming in their minds. Marriage is
not the usual union of two people. It is a sacred thread that is to be preserved. It is the
initiation of a union of two families also. It marks the new findings for a man and a woman as
they set their foot in their world ready to face their responsibilities, hand in hand.


There are certain attributes or what we call ‘Guna’. They are 36 in number and for a
marriage to work, the attributes that match should be at least 18. Matching of less than 18
suggests a bad union or less compatibility which can later result in marital discord. More
than 18 suggests a decent match which ensures that there is going to be harmony and
understanding between a couple which will result in a good bond. However, Attributes are
not the only thing that is present in Kundali matching. There are several grounds on which
they have to appear qualified. The placement of the moon is a crucial field to be pondered
upon as it plays a very essential role in determining the ‘Nakshatra’ and the ‘Rashi’ which are
the two main aspects of Vedic astrology. There are certain defects which if detected in a
Kundali, should not be ignored. They are Kal Sarp dosh, Mangal dosh, Sadesati, Nadi
Dosha, Gana dosha, and some more. These should be checked very minutely. As for a
Mangal dosha, a person who has this dosha should only be married to someone who
possesses the same. It is said that the defects cancel each other out if in pairs.


Kundali matching has now inferred tremendous importance with the changing socio-
economic circumstances and revolutionary improvements in the prestige and part of women
in household life. Moreover, distinguishing between the educational, cultural, and
professional backgrounds, the bride or groom and their parents are also eager to be assured
whether their nuptial life will be happy or not. Kundali Matching is not something that can be
kept limited to marriages only. Nowadays, people who are a lot into Horoscopes, conduct
this for business partners also. It is a mode to check out the compatibility of two people,
whether their companionship will suit each other or not. If they are found fruitful then there can be nothing better than that. It indicates the effect of the stars on matrimonial life and
corrective regulations desired to be put up within just to guarantee a happy and strong
married life. But it is always said that it is the trust and the efforts that one invests in a
relationship to work. You may score 36/36 in Kundali Milan but you shall fail the test if you
don’t help and support each other during the tough times. Rest, it is destiny who decides
things for us but the least we can do is understand each other, and keep ourselves happy
and blessed.