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A Clearer Insight into the Elements of Kundali Matching

A Clearer Insight into the Elements of Kundali Matching

Even though Kundali Matching is an age-old tradition, it is widely followed and practiced to
date. There has always been a lot of confusion regarding this concept and we are here to clear all
kundali matching related doubts.

How Does Kundali Matching Take Place?

Before the Marriage of a prospective bride and groom, the kundali matching ceremony is
conducted. In this ceremony, both the Janam kundalis of the bride and the groom are produced
before the astrologer. The astrologer then studies this Janam kundalis, relates it with the position
of the stars and planets above, and decides whether the marriage is an auspicious match.
Precisely for this reason, most marriages are given a date, or an auspicious time, by which they
should get married. 

What is Janam Kundali and Where do I find it?

Janam Kundali is one of the most important parts of kundali marriage. Without it, no match can
take place. The Janam Kundali or Birth chart is nothing but the exact details of an individual’s
birth. These details involve the time, date, place, and name of birth. The birth chart not just
contains these details but also contains the exact position of planets, houses, and stars at the exact
time of birth. Most Indian Hindu families make this chart right after the child is born to keep
track of the accuracy of such details.

What are Doshas and Yogas?

The Birth Chart of an individual is not just a bed full of roses. The positions of planets and stars
have the effect of producing different doshas and yogas in a person’s chart. These doshas and
yogas are some sorts of powers that work to influence a person’s life. These doshas and yogas
can either be harmful or bring good luck. It is said that the factor of luck in an individual’s life,
in every field per se, is the result of such doshas and yogas. For example, Shri Amitabh
Bachchan, Bollywood’s biggest star, has the Neech Bhang Raj Yoga present in his chart. It is
said, people with this dosha attain fame and success in life.

What To do About Negative Doshas?

Don’t worry, people with negative doshas are not completely rejected for marriage. 
This is another reason why people should opt for kundali matching. If an astrologer reads your
Janam kundali, will automatically let you know if there are any doshas and yogas present in
your chart that has been impeding success in certain areas of your life. Not only this, but he will
also tell you some astrological remedies to practice that will help you get rid of the negative
effect of the Dosha or at least reduce it to some extent.

Does Kundali Matching hold Significance in Love marriages?

Of course, it does! In fact, kundali matching is ideal for a love marriage precisely because of its
power to predict areas of conflict in a marriage. If this is known to the couple beforehand, they
find it easier to face the marriage, work on areas of lacking and hence have a successful and
happy marriage. Also, the presence of negative doshas and yogas can be determined and
remedies can be taken for them not to affect one’s married life.

Is Kundali Matching important?

Yes, although we live in the 21st century and kundali matching may seem like an outdated
practice, it still holds pretty good significance, especially because of the increase in divorce rates
in recent times. Kundali matching not only predicts an overall compatibility level in a marriage,
but it also checks compatibility levels in precise sectors of a marriage. These sectors include an
outlook on life, health, wealth, friendship compatibility, love compatibility, affection, mental
stability, mental well-being, issue of progeny, and a lot of other things.

Can Kundali Matching be done online?

Yes, with the technological age in place, kundali matching has now come behind screens and it
also predicts good results. This is because the person making the report is the astrologer himself.
Most reliable sites take a small fee, require the submission of correct details regarding the date,
time, and place of birth, and send a detailed report within a certain period. Trusted teller is such a
reliable site that provides accurate readings of your kundali. Don’t forget to check it out!