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Do you have your kundali made?


If you are someone who has no idea about kundali or you have some idea about what currently is this
the article is going to solidify or understanding and it is going to give you a clear picture of what currently is
and Moreover, it will tell you about the process of kundali matching which is very important as far as
successful and happy marriages are concerned. Initially, you are going to understand what a country is
and as we move ahead in the article you will get a good idea of the concept of kundali matching so that
you do leverage this in your marriage as this can help you to eliminate almost all the problems and
issues that you might face after your marriage.

Does the same star sign have the same Kundali?

Before you understand but accordingly is it is very sure that you will have this question after
understanding what a kundali is so before we even talk anything that is related to kundali it is very
important for you to know that kundali matching has got nothing to do with your star sign and there is
no direct connection with the Zodiac as it is a concept and a process in astrology. Do you remember
your birthplace? and do you remember the exact time when you were born? if you answered yes to
both of those questions you will be able to get your kundali within seconds because kundali can be
treated as a function that takes in your place of birth and time of birth as its argument and outputs you
the kundali. This might clear everything for you because it depends on two parameters at the same time
so even if you and your friend fall under the same Zodiac sign it is rarely the case for you and your friend
to be born at the same time and at the exact location which is practically impossible and hence your
kundali is going to be unique and no one in this entire yours is going to have the same kundali as you do.
So, you can also remember your kundali is a unique identification number that this universe gives you in
the world of astrology similar 2 the unique identification number that you get from the government so
that the government is able to recognize you.

How can Kundali matching can prevent ambiguities in your

Before we talk about the matching process you need to have the kundali your partner and your own.
You might also find support online that helps you in matching kundali is but it is always suggested to find
an experienced astrologer because of one main reason. Unfortunately, if you’re currently on your
kundali and your partner’s kundali does not match you need an astrologer who is going to give you the
remedy and the proper method to overcome this mismatch issue. If you do not pay attention to the
mismatch or Manglik Dosha you might get into serious trouble because astrology does not care whether
you believe in astrology or not the fact that you’re currently are going to tell you are inevitable unless
you make use of your karma to change your destiny that you are going to have with your partner. You
can never find the perfect solution online because it requires a lot of experience and expertise in this
field of kundali matching which is also known as kundali Milan.

After completing the remedial actions is it safe to marry?

Now that you have checked the compatibility of your kundali and your partners kundali you have a clear
the idea and what will happen if you do not change your karma because destiny is something that comes by default when you take birth as a human. So after you figure out some Manglik Dosha in your kundali
astrologer will always give you a remedy at the solution to the problem that you might face in the future
and after you complete all the remedial actions perfectly just the way our astrologer has guided you are
completely safe to marry and to add on if you truly love your partner and if the feelings are mutual in
the same intensity you will break the Karmic Structure of your body and your partner’s body cause only
true love has the power to dissolve Karmic Structure.