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Kundali matching is an intensive and comprehensive process to say the least. There
is a lot written about kundali matching and how it is calculated but the topics do
not go in depth making you think that the process is extremely easy and can be
done by anyone. To understand how difficult it is, we need to know the basics first.
Kundali matching is basically the matching and comparing of the birth charts of
the individuals that are about to get married. These birth charts are matched
because birth charts are like the blueprints of the individual’s personality and life.
It tells us how exactly the individual is, what the individual desires, and what
exactly are the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. This enables the
astrologer in checking and understanding the compatibility between the
prospective bride and prospective groom.

Can anyone perform kundali matching?

To answer your question, no, not everyone can perform kundali matching. It has to
be done or performed by an astrologer, and a well known and reputed one as well.
This is because kundali matching is serious business and it involves the lives of
many people. By reading a few books and articles online, is not going to help
you master the art and science behind kundali matching. Kundali matching
involves a lot of concepts and explanations that are involved, not to forget to
mention the number of processes inside kundali matching. There are various tests
of compatibility, so doshas that are involved, so many reasons on why a prospective
the couple could be incompatible, so many kootas, so many obstacles, so many planets
that could be positioned in the various houses of the individual’s kundalis, the
impact of these houses on the individual and his/her married life, the remedies and
solutions for all the obstacles, hardships, and doshas the individuals will face in
their married life. The list could go on. It is not as easy as you think it is. It
involves a lot of concentration and effort from the side of the astrologer in order to
give the right and correct reading.

Why should Kundali matching not be done by you?

The answer is simple. Will you ask your friend who is not even a doctor, does not
even have the experience of being a doctor to perform a complex, life-threatening
surgery on you? Will you? You would not. In the exact same way, why will you
want to try your hand at something you have no clue about except through books
and articles? Leave it to the experts. I chose the word life-threatening because this
analogy works for kundali matching as well. Kundali matching has two main purposes being, to know how long will the marriage last and if the couple is going to be married will share a happy and healthy relationship, as well as if they will be able to have a happily married life with the least number of problems and
hardships arising in their life. So, when two individuals get married, it not only
involves the individuals, it also involves their families and if something goes
wrong between these two individuals, the harmony between these two families
which turned into one big family will be disrupted and broken. It affects the life of
a lot of people involved, and also traumatizes the people involved. So, if you even
make the slightest mistake in drawing up the kundali matching report, these would
mean a massive disaster and will potentially destroy the life of the people involved
which is not something you want.
Kundali matching should be done by someone who knows what they are doing,
and the only person who knows what they are doing when it comes to kundali
matching is an expert astrologer who is reputed for his/her work. They spend years
in perfecting what they do, and will also draw up your kundali matching results
with their utmost concentration and efforts. They know the importance of not
making the smallest of smallest mistakes, and to be calculating the results with
precision. They know the risks and dangers if they go wrong, and that is why you
should always get your kundali matching done by a professional.