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The Significance of All 12 Houses in Kundali Matching


Kundali matching is a vast and interesting process when looked beyond the realm of superstition.
The concept of kundali matching would not have been so accurate in generating countless
successful results if the only superstition had its role to play. Instead, kundali matching is a vast
and advanced process of studying birth charts concerning planets, stars, and constellations. Our
birth charts are a snapshot of the sky at the exact time when we were born. These charts show the
exact position of planets at the time of our birth which then translates to how our life will
ultimately chalk out. Now, just as every planet has a specific role to play, the 12 houses too, have
separate roles. Let’s find out what!

Role of the 12 Houses in Kundali Matching:

1st House- The first house is the ascendant house and represents our physical body. It signifies
our general temperaments and our physical appearances. New projects, perspectives, and ideas
resonated with this house. 
2nd House- The second house of our charts relate to financial matters, monetary values, and the
concept of value. It chalks out how the material possessions of our life will be protected and
acquired. It also corresponds to our self-esteem.
3rd House- The 3rd house of our charts governs communication, the local community, and
transportation. It also translates to the relationships we build with our family members, peers,
partners, siblings, co-workers, etc. 
4th House- The 4th House is considered to be the base of the house and resonates with relations
in home and family. This house signifies the natal’s relationship with his or her maternal figure
and how their outlook on domesticity will be.
5th House- The 5th house is a playful zone and links itself to the world of children, romance,
and creativity. It signifies our creative instincts within us and the eureka moments we will
experience in our life that will help boost confidence.
6th House- The 6th house of the birth chart signifies wellness, health, odd jobs, and daily
everyday routines. The choices that we make in our life creates a new body. This body then is
found in the 6th house. It focuses on the structure, stability, and calendar management.
7th House- The 7th house delves deeper from the individual and introduces to us the world of
perspective. It symbolizes our cosmic plus one. Those with natal planets in the 7th house are
very focused on relationships and gravitate towards partnerships in life.
8th House- The 8th house of the birth chart is often referred to as the haunted house. This house
signifies sex, transformation, and death. Those who have their natal planets in the 8th house
gravitate towards the world of supernatural and intense passions, especially in romance. It stands
as a reminder of life’s complexities.

9th House- The ninth house corresponds to philosophy, travel, and higher education. This house
has come to be linked to a literal and intellectual exploration of our lives. The people who are
born with the ninth house in their natal charts are crazy about the idea of traveling and
experience wanderlust. 
10th House- The 10th house occupies the top of the birth chart and corresponds to the apex of
our unique story. The highest point of our lives, known as the Midheaven, is located in the tenth
house and translates to the height of our success. This house also governs our social status, career
achievements, and professional aspirations and goals.
11th House- The 11th house presents us with reminders about our hard work and efforts. It is
linked to humanitarian pursuits and distant connections or networks. Those with the natal planets
in the 11th house are often defined by their revolutionary ideas as this house also tends to govern
technology and innovation. 
12th House- The 12th house lies just beneath the horizon. Metaphorically it represents the
darkness before dawn. It is the unseen realm that governs everything that exists without a
physical form. These are dreams, emotions, secrets, etc. People who are born with their natal
planets in the 12th house are often considered to be intuitive and sometimes even psychic. This
house teaches us that not all relationships are meant to last and that new beginnings can bring
new joys. It is also a representation of our karmic relations.