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Often, we have worries about our marriage or just the coming future because we do
not know what to expect. We are about to marry the partner we chose, yet we may
have uncertainties because marriage is a sacred union, it is the starting of another
phase in our lives and it involves a lot of your family members, the family
members of your partner, and it is celebrated and a huge occasion in anyone’s
lives. So, when one of you get cold feet, wedding jitters, worries plaguing your
mind, overthinking about the future, kundali matching actually helps in easing all
of those worries and the overthinking. And this is exactly why we need to do
kundali matching before marriage, not only to know the compatibility between the
individuals but also to know what lies in the future ahead for them as a couple.

What is kundali matching?

Kundali matching, with the help of the janam kundalis of the prospective bride and
prospective groom determines if the two individuals are compatibility with each
other or not and while married will they be able to share a happy married life with
the least amount of hardships in their path or not. With the help of the planetary
positions of the individuals birth star signs, the positions of the planets, stars, the
Sun and the Moon in the various houses of the janam kundali of the individuals
also tell us how the marriage between these two individuals will be and how their
life is going to look like.

The need for kundali matching in the lives of people who are about to get married.

Kundali matching is strongly suggested to people who are about to get married
because kundali matching not only checks if they are compatible, compatible on
various levels being if the individuals are compatible sexually, physically,
emotionally and mentally. Being emotionally compatible is very important in a
marriage and your relationship because if one is not emotionally compatible as the
other, if the person cannot understand how his/her partner feels, this is bound to
create a void between them which may not be able to fill and worse, could even
lead to separation which could eventually escalate to a divorce. Being physically
compatible with each also plays a vital role in any successful relationship as this
deepens your bond and also helps you in having your future progeny. Being mental
compatibility with your partner and for your partner to understand what you are
saying, what is your opinion, what is your take on something, just your point of
you is essential is communication and helping them understand you better and vice versa. Kundali matching matches the individuals on all of these levels in order to know if they can thrive and strive in their marriage or not.

Apart from that, kundali matching also calculates and determines the relationship
you will be sharing with your in laws, the kind of relationship, and how will that
affect your life with your partner and the marriage on a whole. It also tells us the
amount of pride your partner and you come with in the marriage, because pride is
an individual’s greatest downfall and when it comes to marriage that is no
different. It tells us if your partner and you can understand each other and if the
both of you are willing to be with each other even when things go wrong and
haywire. No one wants a partner or even to spend their life with someone who
would not be there in the rough and hard times of their life. They want a partner
who is supportive and will be able to understand what they go through and help
them through as well.

This is why kundali matching is needed in any marriage and should be done before
marriage in order to know how well they get along with each other and how
understanding are they to each other. Compassion is a trait that should be there in
everyone and communication helps in understanding and improving your
relationship with your partner. Kundali matching strives to match people who are
compatible with each other in order to lead a happy life with them.