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A lot of us tend to get cold feet or even the wedding jitters as many would call it
before our wedding or even the night before our wedding. We are often plagued
with uncertainty and self-doubt, whether we are doing the right thing or not.
We may have known the person for years or even for a few months, and that still
does not stop fears, rational or irrational, from appearing in our minds and
making us wonder if we did the right thing in agreeing to be married or choosing to
be married to our partner. This is one of the main reasons why kundali matching is

What is kundali matching and how can it help me?

Now, kundali matching is an age-old Vedic astrological process that is used to
analyze the compatibility between the individuals and is accurate with its results.
The process of kundali matching helps us understand our partners better and it also
helps us know if our partner is the right match for us. A lot of us may also wonder
how is this possible and how can an age-old Vedic process that uses the planetary
positions of the Nakshatras, the positions of the planets as well as the planets that
rules over their birth sign, the position of the Sun and the Moon in their birth charts
to determine the compatibility between the individuals who are about to get
married? So, the birth charts of the individuals, or popularly known as the
horoscopes of the individuals are like the blueprints of the individual’s lives. It tells
us almost everything about the individual, from the dominant personality traits of
the individual to the pet peeves of the individual, to the likes of the individual to
the dislikes of the individual, to the best-suited career route for the individual to the
most compatible life partner for the individual, and so on, you get the picture.
Then, the expert astrologer uses these horoscopes of both the individuals that want
to get married and compare the two of these horoscopes which are also known as
the janam kundalis of the individuals. Now, these Janam kundalis help the
astrologer in determining the compatibility of the individuals on various levels
from the emotional compatibility to the mental understanding between individuals,
physical compatibility and psychological compatibility as well. All of these
play a huge role in understanding your partner better and to make your married life
a successful and healthy married life.

Why kundali matching?

Kundali matching just does not stop at the matching of the horoscopes between the
individuals to know if they get along well, it also has another process called the gun milan process which is like the second part of kundali matching which is also the ultimate test of compatibility and even tells your partner and you were exactly both of you would not be compatible with each other. This would help the
astrologer in helping in improving the compatibility between your partner and you,
and not only that, the astrologer will prescribe a number of Vedic remedies that
would lessen the impact of the incompatibility and the doshas, as well as improve
the compatibility between your partner and you. This will also give you another
perspective in gaining a deeper understanding not only about yourself but also
about your partner and the relationship the both of you share.

Kundali matching has two main purposes and they are to make sure that your
partner and you live a blissful and happy married life with the least number of
obstacles and hardships, and the other being that to know the longevity of the
marriage. This is important because no one wants a marriage that will end too soon
or even end in the first place, because marriage is the start of something new, a
a new beginning, a new start, a new phase of our lives. It is a sacred union that ought
to be shared by two individuals who are the best match for each other and will also
remain happy for the rest of their lives they share together, and kundali matching
strives to do just that.