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We have a pandemic at hand and there are a lot of couples who were going to get
married, and you could be one those couples or even about to be one of those
couples, but you need to get your kundali matching done by your trusted astrologer
but you do not want to keep your partner, family, and your life at risk. Which is
completely understandable. So, your next best option is kundali matching done or
performed online.

So, it gets us to this question, if kundali matching is done online, is it as effective as the one done offline?

Well, to be honest, yes, in a way. This is because the software that analyses your
kundali matching reports and results will give you accurate results and every query
and doubt of yours regarding the kundali matching report will be answered by the
site astrologer. The only problem is that you need to find trusted astrologers and
websites that will actually give you the results and reports you are looking for,
rather than scam you off your money.

So, what exactly is kundali matching and why should it be done before marriage?

Kundali matching is the comparing and analyzing of the janam kundalis of the
the prospective bride and the prospective groom that are about to get married. This is
done in order to know how compatible are the individuals together and the fact
remains, no matter if you know the person for years together or even if you are in a
relationship with them for years, you really do not know the person and his/her
habits until you have started to live with them. Sometimes, you end up not liking
the person you live with, and as absurd as it sounds, it is true. You do not know the
kind of person your partner really is until you live with them and when you finally
do start living with them, you realize that you are not actually compatible with each
other, and the two of you were better off not married because the both of you
cannot stand each other. And as unreal as this sounds, this has actually happened
quite a lot of times with young couples, and this is one of the main reasons why
kundali matching is strongly suggested to couples before they seal the knot.
Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals that are going to start sharing
their lives together, and it is a huge deal for many people. You will have to start
learning how to compromise and go out of your way to help your partner and to do the same vice versa. You need to be compatible on all the levels- be it emotional or
physical, mental or psychological, and kundali matching matches the two of you
on all of these levels and more. Moreover, kundali matching also helps you in
understanding how your relationship is, how your partner exactly is as an
individual, and whether if both of you are actually compatible with each other.
You also need to share a similar outlook towards life when it comes to your partner
and you because if the both of you are heading in different directions, the marriage
would not last, it is bound to fail. This is also another one of the reasons why
kundali matching is done.

The whole purpose of kundali matching is to know if the individuals are
compatible with each other, will they be able to lead a happy married life and the
the longevity of their marriage. Because if the individuals who are about to get married
are not compatible with each other, if they do not care about each other, if they are
not happy with each other, and if their marriage will not last for long, which it will
not if the above factors are not fulfilled, then there is no use of the individuals
getting married. Kundali matching can also predict the number of children the
the couple may have, the relationship they will share with each other, how work will
affect their personal lives and so on.