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Secret decoded why Nadi Dosha is considered inauspicious for marriage?

Secret decoded why Nadi Dosha is considered inauspicious for marriage?

As per Indian Astrology, while solemnizing a wedding, Nadi dosh is seen as one of the greatest
factors while Ashtakoot Milan. Nadi Dosha is amongst the inauspicious and fatal Kundali doshas in
Kundali Milan when carrying out Gun Milan. It is acknowledged that the presence of Nadi Dosha can
even prompt one of the accomplice’s demise or at times both the accomplices could experience

Narada Purana has a few pieces of proof that express that regardless of whether the groom and the
bride are achieving a favorable match-up during the horoscope Milan yet the horoscope induce the
Nadi Dosha, then this cannot be kept away as this fault brings troubles for the bridegroom in
numerous ways. Such bonds either experience damnation, for example, frequent rows, suffering, or
don’t last long. Not simply this, both or one of the accomplices may experience an early demise.


This is extremely significant to realize that Nadi Dosha truly offers you such a hazardous encounter
or is this simply exaggeratedly introduced to us? However, to know this, we must initially be aware
of all about Nadi Dosha and how it is created in your horoscope.
Nadi Dosha is one of the 8 characteristics (gunas) that are utilized to ascertain compatibility with
your accomplice. During the procedure of Guna matching, 8 gunas are matched which are likewise
named as ‘Ashtakoot Milan‘. These 8 koots are – Vashya, Varna, Yoni, Tara, Gana, Grih Maitri, Nadi,
and Bhakoot.


As per Vedic Astrology, there are 3 kinds of Nadi doshas:
 Aadi Nadi Dosha: As per the Varahmihir, if there is ‘Aadi Nadi Dosha’ in the prospective
accomplice’s kundali, this would surely lead them to separation.
 Madhya Nadi Dosha: Madhya Nadi Dosha might lead to the early demise of either the
people or one of the accomplices or might make horrendous sufferings in their married lives.
 Antya Nadi Dosha– If the horoscopes of the couple have ‘Antya Nadi Dosha ‘, such partners
might have to experience numerous sorts of sufferings in their marital life or the outcome
here could be as serious as demise, leading to an excruciating life ahead.
Every individual’s horoscope chart exhibits the presence of the Moon in a specific Nakshatra, which
analyzes that native’s Nadi. There is an aggregate of 27 Nakshatras by which the above-mentioned
Nadis i.e. Madhya Nadi, Adi Nadi, and Antya Nadi. Out of a total of 27 Nakshatras, the presence of
Moon in the gathering of 9 unique nakshatras prompts the creation of 1 Nadi in a native’s
horoscope, which has eight points.


There are s couple of exceptions or Parihar in Nadi fault that can be thought of if the remaining of
the things is matching. (“Parihar” signifies the demonstration of evading something or the activity of
eliminating evils, faults, etc.)

If the female and male natives have the same Nakshatra, however, are born under various charans,
then it is viewed as an exemption regardless of whether the two of them belong to the similar Nadi

If the prospective bridegroom is born in a different Nakshatra but a similar birth sign, then likewise it
is classified as Nadi Dosha special case.
If the female and male have a similar Nakshatra yet different sun sign, then also it is viewed as a
Nadi dosha exemption (the birth Rashi or birth charan of the girl must not be before the boy).


 One and a quarter million of the Mahamrityunjay mantra’s chants lessens the bad effect of
Nadi’s fault and assists you to lead a happy married life with your accomplice.
 If Nadi’s fault present in the kundali of the bridegroom, then the girl should be initially
hitched with the portrait of Lord Vishnu and afterward with the desired accomplice. This is
viewed as one of the solutions to lessen the bad effects of the dosha.
 As per the celestial sacred text “Piyush Dhara”, if an individual experiences troubles in
wedlock because of the presence of Nadi fault in the Kundali, then she/he should donate
clothes, gold, and grains.