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Kundali matching and other forms of future prediction forces in India help us determine
several aspects of our lives. And one tends to take all these aspects into consideration
before getting married to that one perfect person. As we know that kundali matching
works on a number of other factors like houses and planetary positions and some more
of such observations. So, while we mention planets and their significance in one’s
life. Then let us have a look towards a few of the most auspicious planets in kundali


Jupiter is considered to be one of the most auspicious planets in all of the solar systems.
There are many positive terms to define Jupiter especially when it rules over certain
houses. Jupiter is the most beneficial when it rules over the 9th and 12th houses of the
zodiac signs. It is considered as positive, fierce, fiery with a decent character. Jupiter is
the largest planet in the solar system, it can provide great benefits like a luxury, great
health, a good position in society, and a great place in the hierarchy.

Auspicious Jupiter makes really smart people, these people are usually in the
profession like teaching, counseling or the head of the spiritual organization. Jupiter gives
you a great sense of spirituality in which you are attracted to makes with spiritual
significance. When the planet Jupiter is strong it can give you fame, kids, good health
, and wealth. It is said that it owns Sagittarius and Pisces.


It is well known that the sun is the most powerful member of the solar system. Nothing
ceases to exist without its presence and everything revolves around it. In some cases it
is very rare to have a strong sun but when you do have a strong sun then everything is
at your fingertips. It is the potential and power to make you the most powerful person in
your field.

People in the higher-ups with strong sun and it gives them great fame and fortune.
Having a great sun is considered to be a blessing to many as it basically states that this
person will be of power and great position in society. People running governments and
making laws are the ones that have strong sun. It is said that the sun is usually placed
alone in a house and has the power to make itself financially strong, powerful, and independent.

According to Vedic astrology, the moon is considered to be the most important
planet. It is essential for all living creatures and has a great impact on your behavior.
One of the reasons why it is considered an auspicious planet is because it has the
power to predict your fate. Moon is known as an emotional planet as the sun is the polar
opposite one.

It is an emotional and lovable planet due to its attachments. It has great attachments
with kids and mothers. Moon focuses on your behavior as it makes you better. The main
things that the moon focuses on are your fate and fortune. There are obvious
comparisons between sun and moon but the one difference is that one can be ruthless
at times as the other is the compassionate one.


Mercury is considered a friendly sign as it has the feature of being social and liked by
everyone. Anyone with strong mercury can be a very famous person as they are
generally well-spoken, very well behaved, and have a great sense of humor. That
person is of very high intelligence as well. Mercury’s auspicious results in high-scoring
exams and a knack for business.

It is especially auspicious for professions such as artists, writers, or astrologers. It is
basically very beneficial for interested souls as it makes sense for them to be creative. A
creative person is never alone as he\she always has their ideas or ways with them. In
certain professions creativity is key this is where strong mercury comes in and this is
what makes mercury auspicious.