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“Opposites do attract” But then how Kundali Matching by name happens?

“Opposites do attract” But then how Kundali Matching by name happens?

Kundali Matching by name

The kundali matching by name for ideal life is a crucial event for those individuals who truly believe
in astrology, i.e. health, marriage, financial issues, and many more. According to the law of nature,
opposites do attract. Who are yet to get married, Kundali Matching by name assists them in
searching for their perfect partner and ideal compatibility later on.

The cultural and traditional Hindu principles with the transformations of societies (particularly in
India) still offer high significance to the institution of wedlock and expound kundali matching by
name leading to everlasting marital happiness in detail.

In traditional times, when a kid was born, the parents used to jot down their date of birth, birth
time, and other important details based on which the kid’s Janam Kundali was made. Before
marriage, Kundali matching by name of the prospective partners has analyzed the compatibility of
the procedure which is known to be Kundali Matching by name or Gun Milan.

In this entire process of kundali matching by name, Vedic astrology is utilized based on the belief
that the position of divine bodies, date of birth, time are some of the most important things for
analyzing a desirable outcome from any future/further events including marriage as well.

Guns in Kundali Matching by name

There are eight unique gunas or characteristics involved in Kundali Matching by name and a total
score is determined from such prediction outcomes, which is accepted to have importance and
compatibility as well is concerned about 2 ideal matching signs for lifetime and marriage

At times during Kundali Matching by name there exist a few gunas mismatch (kundali doshas). In
such a scenario, an expert astrologer is counseled to offer solutions to fix the defects and the best
chance to get profitable results in Kundali Matching by name.

This astrological belief is particularly is the crucial part of Hindu culture, there exist the best fruitful
wedlocks, unlike western culture. This makes our faith more factful in Vedic astrology, particularly
Kundali Matching by name or Gun Milan.

Briefing of Gun Milan

 Vasya: According to contemporary astrologers, this test assists in analyzing the chances of
fruitful wedlocks, for secured future and lifelong compatibility together.
However, the zodiac signs are bifurcated under 5 categories:

  • Wild or Vanachara
  • Human or Manava
  • Water or Jalachara
  • Insect or Keeta
  • Quadruped or Chatushpada
     Varna: Determining compatibility based on the Vedic caste framework.
     Tara: This is believed to offer accurate well-being and health of the prospective bridegroom
     Yoni: This test is conducted to analyze the sexual and physical compatibility of the

 Graha Maitri: It is believed to measure the strength of romance and love between the
 Gana: This, in particular, is utilized to determine a person’s temperament and nature.
 Bhakoot: Rashikoot or Bhakoot testing is believed to check the overall welfare, health, and
prosperity of a family post-marriage.