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Important elements you should remember while kundli matching

Important elements you should remember while kundli matching

Conducting a complete tradition adhering to Hindu marriage very distinctively
depends on the kundli matching procedure. It is only the start of the first step of the
marriage when Gunas of the bride and groom matches and gets points that are
favorable for marriage. There are a lot of other considerations too one should keep in
mind while kundli matching. Let’s take a deep look into it.

What does Guna Milan mean in kundli matching?

It the matching of certain characteristics and traits. The basic requirement to call a
marriage auspicious or not based on points matched. It is governed by Nakshatra

Points required to match?

18 or above points should be matched to consider it a good marriage match. After,
this further discussion can be taken forward regarding horoscopes matching.
Astrologers make it clear that it’s not mandatory that one achieving a good score in
kundli matching might have a happy marriage as a guarantee and in the same way
getting fewer points does not always mean that marriage is impossible or meant to
be disastrous.

Nowadays, a lot of kundli matching software are available online. The points scored
in that software can make us believe that, if the points are just above 18, it is fine to
go ahead with the marriage, without consultation of an astrologer. This may not be
the best way to read on Kundli matching points. Because these points say that only
one factor of kundli Milan is achieved. Once you calculate the points matched in the
online forum, you are supposed to consult an expert Vedic astrologer for getting a
detailed reading.

What are these other factors to be considered?

There are a total of 10 important factors in kundli matching for marriage. Two of the
most significant factors are Mangal Dosha and Guna Milan. If the two of these
matches in kundli matching, most of the astrologers recommend the marriage to take
place. They have a prominent place in the astrology of kundli matching. But
sometimes, they forget the other important factors of prosperity, mental compatibility,
longevity, finances, chastity, Jupiter and Venus Karakas, the trimamsha and
navamsha chart.No match can be said to be matched completely without matching
these factors.

Difference between marriage compatibility and kundli matching?

According to astrologers, they are similar. They need a detailed reading and analysis
of the 10 important factors of kundli matching. Hence, the people must be aware of
the complete truth and not act from the place of half-knowledge about matchmaking.

How accurate is kundli matching by name?

A pool of websites claims to match the couple based on name, but how often it gives
true results? Chances are, you might be relying on the wrong conclusion based on
name matching. The reason being, many people nowadays don’t have a name
according to Nakshatra. This may give a false outcome. Hence it is always
suggested to go for complete kundli matching.

Why even after kundli matching, sometimes marriages fail?

So many people complain about this particular issue time and again. Astrologer,
after verifying few cases has concluded that there can two probable reasons for such
problems. First, Detailed matching must be missed, and it is based on mere Guna
Milan. Secondly, the astrologer conducting the reading might not be expert or well-
learned in his area.