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Living in a Country in India is a colorful experience as it helps us analyze the factors of
traditions and rituals. Each and every validation that one needs in India go through a number of
traditional and cultural processes. Likewise, the most sacred bond in our country is considered
to be that marriage. So, marriage can be undertaken by following the norms of online kundali
matches and astrology. There are several aspects that one needs to take into consideration, like
that of gunas, planetary positions, and most importantly the different houses. So, as for this
article let us examine the house and planets related to marriage and love.


When you talk about love you also talk about sex. Couples want to satisfy each other in every
way both emotionally and physically. Once you start going out with a person you slowly start to
learn about their likes, dislikes, and desires. The planet mars talk about love and sexual
desires. For women, house mars tell you the type of men a woman will be physically attracted
to and what she will want from him. House mars state that different women are physically
attracted to different types of men, everyone will never want the same things.

In the case of men, Mars shows the things that men will do when they’re physically attracted to
someone. According to mars men will give hints or show signs when they are aroused. You can
tell when a man is physically attracted to you. Mars states how both genders are aroused and
what gets them aroused the most.


This house of astrology tells things further than ever before. It describes the connection
between two people and how deep their connection has truly gotten. Neptune describes the
stage in which two people became two bodies and one soul. Their love has never been stronger
and will never be stronger. It does not happen in a one-night stand or an early relationship, it
happens when you are deeply in love and have developed a deep psychological connection.
Neptune describes intimacy, how two people overcome the fear of intimacy and are truly the
ones of each other. It also describes problems as this house also covers things like jealousy,
controlling and obsession. Neptune teaches how to overcome negative aspects of love and love
beyond that. It is a stage where you are at peace in your life and your partner is the most
important part of your life. It is a stage where these negative things don’t affect you and there is
just pure love.


Moon plays an extremely important role when you talk about love. Moon describes the emotional
needs of a person which are essential for love. An emotional connection is the most important thing in any relationship and both partners should be aware of each other’s emotional needs.
Moon tells you what your emotional needs are and how they should be fulfilled. Both people in
the relationship wants to care, wants affection, and wants emotional connection.