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Kundli Milan by name

Kundli Milan by name

For prospective matches for marriage, Kundli is the first step in planning a
marriage. According to our ancestors and the Hindu astrology, Kundli milan is
essential for a long and happy marriage. Kundli milan by birth or Kundli milan by
name ensure that the two people are made for each other. On multiple levels of
compatibility, also known as Koota, the Guna Milan can help people to
understand each other’s internal attributes. A key ritual to match the horoscopic
birth charts of the girl and the boy to analyze their stars align or not. Kundli milan
by name is done for those who do not have their birth details handy. With the help
of Ashtkoota Chakra or Avakhada Chakra, which uses the moon zodiac and the name
constellations, kundli milan by name is done.

With the help of astrological conjunctions, the names of the two persons are
sufficient to calculate the Kundli. A detailed Guna and Dosha horoscope is studied
by the astrologer to consolidate the proposed pair for marriage. Often the details of
one’s birth are not correct or clear and it can hamper the Kundli Milan process, in
such cases, Kundli milan by name comes to one’s rescue.

During kundli milan by name, there is a maximum of 36 Guna or points under
consideration. Minimum of 18 Gunas should match for a happy-long marriage.
The 8 forms of compatibility, also known as Koota, can have 36 Guna. As listed

  • Varna
  • Vasya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Maitri
  • Gana
  • Bhakoot
  • Nadi
    A successful kundli milan by name often leads to a happy married life as the
    couple’s stars are celestially aligned and the question of compatibility is known to
    very strong. The bride and the groom also have to check their age factor and luck
    factor. One should also check the possibility of cancellation of incompatibility.
    How does kundli milan by name work?

The birth name is used to check wedding compatibility. To know two persons’
daily compatibility also, kundli milan by name, with the prevalent name, is the
process to know more. Birth names are used to understand one’s child birth and
sensual matching.

Lastly, a healthy marriage is a space where the counterparts can explore and grow,
individually as well as together as a couple. To find the right person can be a
tedious task but once the stars align and the kundli milan by name or birth is done,
the families of the two parents can be confident to start a journey towards a happily
married life. With the help of the vedic astrological methods, the persons also get
to know the other’s traits and personality, which also helps in understanding a
long-term compatibility.