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From Meet Cutes to Meet Kundalis


Marriage is one of the most important events of everyone’s life. The decision to marry
someone cannot be taken after meeting a few times, after all, it’s a commitment for life. The
waters are untested and the steps are to be measured carefully but there is not much time to
judge anyone without being judgemental and in such a scenario kundali matching by date of
birth helps.

What is kundali matching by date of birth?

A detailed kundali matching by date of birth is a pseudo-science that is based completely on
mathematical calculations, no predictions are made without insufficient substantiation. The
positions of major constellation and stars on the day you were born plays a major part
in kundali matching by date of birth.  

Astrologers use various methods for marriage horoscopes. they can use Guna Milan in the
method score from kundlis is matched whereby at least 18 Guna or qualities must match for a
good marriage. Next is Navamsa Charts which show the position of planets in the zodiac at a
point in time for any place on earth according to a certain time. Then Yoga tells about the
directional effect of planets and lastly, Doshas are the malefic planets that can hinder the
positives and are blemishes on the kundlis.

In kundali matching by date of birth Ashakoot or Dashakoot methods are used to find the
compatibility between partners. From this Ashakoot method is more common nowadays. As
per this method, the experts divide the horoscope of each partner into 8 different segments.
Discussing the 8 sectors in the Ashakoot process for kundali matching by date of
birth.  These with their maximum scores are Varna(1), Vashya(2), Tara(3), Yoni(4), Graha
Maitri(5), Gana(6), Bhakoot(7)Nadi(8). Hence the total score is accumulated as 36.
Scoring is done based on compatibility between the two kundali matching by date of birth.  A
good score is between 18 to 30 and a score between 30 to the maximum score i.e. 36 is
considered as an exceptional match.

Low Kundali score?

Don’t worry if you get a score below 18 while kundali matching by date of birth in such a
case the D9 chart is matched to look for the problem that is affecting the score. The issues
may be due to the position of Doshas and Gunas.
Majorly, two types of Doshas are found in the kundlies. Mangal Dosha is commonly found
based on the positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth. If a person has Manglik Dosha
in kundali matching by date of birth it can’t be ignored. It could result adversely if taken no
notice of. It has severe implications in form of long separation from the partner, delay in
marriage, death of a spouse, and friction in familial life.

Another problem found by astrologers while matching Kundali according to kundali
matching by date of birth is Nadi Dosha or Naadi Koot, as referred to by some astrologers is
the measure of genetic match between the couple to give birth to healthy children with no
ancestral deformity.

Once the issue is known the Astrologer will suggest various remedies and corrective
measures for the Gunas and Doshas in kundali matching by date of birth. 
Kundali matching by date of birth shows harmony in matrimony that are the results of pre-
established karma. The Gunas Milan, star matching, and planetary combination influencing
the marriage and the future of partners need to be compatible for a swell life. Hence, kundali
matching by date of birth plays an important role not only at the time of wedding but in a
lifelong marriage.