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May the stars are ever in your favor

May the stars are ever in your favor

Hindu scriptures consider marriage to be a holy practice between two consenting adults. It is
the most important decision anyone can make in their life. Their life path is dependent on it
so ensuring that the stars align in goodwill becomes very important and online kundali
matching helps in this. 

Online kundali matching is done to make sure the betterment of prospective bride and groom.
Since the bond between bride and groom is imperative for a successful marriage, online
kundali matching provides a great way to ensure that the gamble of life, plays right. 
Kundli scores

Online kundali matching is the Vedic method to find the compatibility between the couple.
No predictions are made without strong proofs and calculations. The process of online
kundali matching can be done according to two systems, either the Ashtakoot or the

Ashtakoot system is used majorly in north India and is less complicated compared to
Dashtakoot which is used in south India. In both, the systems score is calculated by
segmenting the Kundli into 8 parts. A score is given out of 36 which determines the
probability of success the prospective marriage might have.

According to the online kundali matching systems, the 8 sections in the Ashakoot process for
kundali matching with their maximum scores are Varna-1, Vashya-2, Tara-3, Yoni-4-, Graha
Maitri-5, Gana-6, Bhakoot-7,and at the last with the maximum individual score is Nadi-8.
Hence the total score is accumulated as 36.

Most of the online kundali matching systems use the Ashtakoot method to determine the
score, whereby a score less than 18 is not agreeable. Any score between 18 to 26 is
considered alright. 26 to 30 may result in a good marriage and a Score above 30 is regarded
very high and secures a great marital life ahead. 
Kundali score below 18?
Don’t worry if you get a score below 18 in online kundali matching systems. In these cases, a
separate chart named the D9 chart is matched to look for the problem that is affecting the
score. The issues may be due to the position of Doshas that is the complexities of kundlies.
Majorly, two types of Doshas are found in the kundali. Mangal Dosha is commonly found in
some kundlis. If a person finds Manglik Dosha in online kundali matching it should not be
ignored since not taking any notice of it may result in adverse effects. It has severe
implications in form of long separation from the partner, delay in marriage, death of a spouse,
and friction in familial life.
Another problem found by astrologers while online kundali matching is Nadi Dosha or Naadi
Koot, since in Ashakoot systems Nadi has been given the highest points it should not be
ignored. But if the total score is greater than 18, the match is agreed upon irrespective of the
Nadi Dosha.

Once the issue is known the Astrologer may suggest various remedies and/or corrective
measures for amendment the Doshas after online kundali matching. The Gunas Milan, star
matching, and planetary combination influencing the marriage and the future of partners need
to be compatible for a happy life. Online kundali matching shows harmony in matrimony that
are the results of karma that is fixed in advance.