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Somethings remain relevant for 100s of years! Kundali Matching is one of them!

Somethings remain relevant for 100s of years! Kundali Matching is one of them!

If you are the kind of a person who always stays worried about getting married or is always in
a continuous loop of thought thinking about your future partner, online kundali matching will
help you find, as well as getting to know your future partner as well.
As far as happy marriages and life partners are concerned, a lot of importance is placed upon
kundalis and birth-related details. It is because it is believed in India that the horoscope of
marriage will help you find a suitable future partner by listing similarities based on kundali
and birth details.

Online kundali matching is preferred because it enables future couples to be to check for
similarities on the online platform only. It is considered easy since you don’t actually need to
visit an astrologer face to face with your kundali and birth details.
Your birth timing tells a lot about you, it generates a chart that kind of summarises your
entire life and shows the positions of different planets and space bodies when you were born.
Astrologers generally use these details to know more about you, other than what you have
already told.

The chart generated helps them with the horoscopy which enables them to foresee your
future. The marriage expectations are done this way and the exactness of the same depends
on the data in the chart of the person.

Astrologers will examine the Kundali of both, the wife and husband to be, in order to find the
similarities, differences, etc. Online kundali matching will help you find faults/doshas in the
kundali along with providing ways in order to rectify them.

Going into details, a marriage horoscope generally consists of 12 houses, with each house
addressing a different aspect of your life, ranging from your birth to death. The 7th house
solely is responsible for the marriage aspect of your life, which is managed by the planet

Planets such as Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, and Venus are considered to be beneficial, while
Sun, Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, and Mars are termed as malefic planets. Doshas arrive because of
the presence of these malefic planets in your chart, which could account for an undesirable
postponement in your marriage.

Love marriage depends on the firmness of the 5th house which is responsible for the feeling
called ‘love’. Online kundali matching helps you finding if your 5th house is strong which in
turn increases your chance of having a love marriage, thus avoiding the odds of having an
arranged marriage. The 10th house and its God also play a major role in the marriage, and
thus astrologers also check for The House of Fortune (10th house) and its involvement.
Online kundali matching gives real marriage possibilities dependent on the various
significant houses and the positions of the planets. It gives an insight into your future partner
and the bond you both are going to share. It will also help you in deciding the best time frame
to get married.

Online kundali matching looks at your horoscope and sees if any of the doshas are blocking
your marriage possibilities. If it is the case, online kundali matching will help you eradicate
the doshas along with limiting their effects as well.

Marriage is considered to be a lifelong sacred bond and holds an extraordinary place in each
and every individual’s life. Online kundali matching can look into your horoscope and tell the
odds of having a happy and prosperous married life. As per the Hindu religion, Kundali
matching is considered to be sacred which decides the fate and wellbeing of the couple.

Kundali compatibility checking before marriage has been in practice since the very beginning
in the Hindu religion. It is one of the very first steps towards marriage. The basic
characteristics of a person can be easily told by an astrologer by just looking into his/her
horoscope. It also showcases various significant factors which may affect the couple in their
marriage. This is why online kundali matching is considered important before marriage. An
idea is generated by comparing the given kundalis, whether the relationship will last longer or
not. Thus, in this way, online kundali matching will help you in finding the perfect partner for