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Queries for your horoscopist before you tie the knot

Queries for your horoscopist before you tie the knot

A German proverb says It’s Better to have a good hanging than a bad marriage. This alone is
significant to understand how important a good marriage in your life is. It can decide the
course you take. All the decisions ahead you take will be shared with love and each other. If
you have decided to visit an astrologer for kundali matching for marriage, you are in the right

According to Hindu customs, all prospective bride and groom need to check if their kundali
matching for marriage. Maybe you believe in astrology, or perhaps you are visiting an
astrologer for the first time due to the pressure put on you by your parents. It is important to
know what to talk to astrologers about your kundali matching for marriage before making a

Many people get their Kundalis matched on the internet. Although it is cheap and gets the
work done, it gives a general reading. It lacks the personalized touch that is important, more
when you are taking such a life-changing decision. 
Words have huge power in manifesting reality. It is said that if you talk positively and in an
optimistic light, good things will happen to you. Asking the right question at the right time is
always important, but it is more significant if you are ready to manifest your future. So the
big question is- What are the questions to ask while kundali matching for marriage?

What are the ways kundali matching for marriage can affect your married life?

The Gunas of the Kundali can make your marital life and doshas can break it. so for having a
swell life kundali matching for marriage is of utmost importance. try getting a reputed and
well-known astrologer. Sometimes people with no idea about the craft of astromancy try to
dupe people, telling them incorrect information and hoarding more and more money from
them. They do so by telling about the doshas as translated in Sanskrit the problems one can
face in life ahead. They can tell false solutions to remove these doshas. Beware of the fake
horoscopists. Another question is to ask about the…

Importance of relying on Kundali matching for marriage.

Kundali matching for marriage helps in knowing the compatibility between the prospective
bride and groom. Kundali matching for marriage is a tried and tested method by several
generations in India. Kundali matching for marriage is so common in India that at some
places it is considered to be taboo to marry without matching the kundalis. India also has a
high rate of arranged marriage and it is not possible to know about the potential partner in so
little time. This method of getting a perfect evaluation is necessary for these circumstances
when you are unable to get in-depth detail of a person you are about to marry because if there
are hazards, it is in the support of horoscopists that they can also settle the problems
connected with each predicament. 

The personal touch for your Kundali matching for marriage also helps in asking detailed
questions like 

Tell about the best and the worst things if the planned bride and groom married. 

The story and patterns of stars have an answer to every question of yours. You just need to
ask the right questions and this is the question that can manifest your future to a great extent.
It is better to know what could be good and bad after you get married. The astrologer can tell
you about every aspect of your life. The career paths of you both if you did get married. The
children you may have. The familial life with the white picket fence. A horoscopist can also
give you an idea about the changes in nature of you and your family once you get married.

The best thing about Kundali matching for marriage is that it handles everything. The good
the bad the ugly. You can also ask about the Doshas and the ways to fix them. Just make sure
they don’t hoard money. Generally, astrologers will ask you to make a D-9 chart if your
kundali score is low and suggest you easy remedies to make sure everything works well.