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Speaking of kundali matching there are several factors that one needs to take into
consideration and one of these factors is the planets and their significance as listed


In terms of kundali matching, The sun is said to be the lord of the entire solar system, so it
is supposed to rule several major aspects of one’s life. And since we talk about the Sun as
the head or the authority of everything then while we speak of this in terms of family then
this might represent the head of your family. 

Be it your mother, father, or anyone else, and even in terms of professional prospects your
leaders and bosses can also be the ones who represent the sun in your life. This planet
signifies mental strength, stability, individuality, career, status, and even one’s ego in life.
Apart from all these aspects the sun also gives us the moral support to be patient and
balanced in life. 


Speaking of the moon, we must say that it stands next to the sun in the solar system.
Moon is considered to be the fastest moving planet in and around the solar system and it
is also known to be the basis of our physical body. 

And if you’re wondering that where do all those thoughts of yours come from then let us
tell you that they are all generated through the presence of the moon. The moon is
considered to be the thought provoker in you, and it also represents the feminine head in
one’s family like that of your mother or any other mother figure. 


Well, this planet in terms of kundali matching is usually not seen as a totally benefic one,
as it tends to signify some disruptive and destructive qualities. Mars is the originator of
fights related to land disputes, breakage, accidents, and a few more of such destructive
activities are headed by the influence of the planet Mars. So, all in all, this planet is all
about breakdown and troubles more or less. 


Mercury is known to be the ruler of emotions and nerves and that is the reason that it
controls planning skills, strategy skills, management aspects, oratory, public
communication, and a lot more of such thought-provoking aspects. Mercury in terms of
kundali matching is a planet that signifies everything related to that of knowledge and
talents are hidden beneath you and it encourages you to use them. 


Well, this planet can be nicknamed by the mention of let’s say, Guru. And this is because
of the fact that this planet gives us the strength and ability to act calm, gentle, courteous,
and generous in almost all situations. Jupiter is the ruler of financial benefits and it is also
known to be a Spiritual planet. 


The indicator of spiritual enlightenment is what the planet venus is. This planet in terms of
kundali matching is known to be a feminine one, as it tends to give us all the material
happiness as it relates us to beauty, elegance, appearance, charm, and even gentleness.
So, all these traits are associated with this planet and it also keeps us in touch with the
passionate and physical pleasures in a love relationship. 


Well, this one is known to be a slower planet and it basically highlights many malefic
effects more than the benefic ones. This planet is the ones associated with mental
steadiness, lazy attitude, laid back approach, and a lot more of such lethargic traits are
portrayed by Saturn. But in contrast to all of this, Saturn is also known as the ruler of
career prospects, so it does have a bright side too. 


are you scared of ghosts and stuff? Well, if yes then you better take care of this planet as
Rahu is all about spooky stuff and it has a habit of turning things into a big deal. Black
magic, voodoo, ghost callings everything is handled by this planet. So, yes this is a pretty
scary one. Moreover, Rahu is also partly responsible for male infertility. So, be aware of
this planet while paying attention to kundali matching. 


This one is the south as opposed to Rahu which is the north node, Ketu is the one that
represents a few contrasting aspects. It symbolizes, poverty, spiritual enlightenment,
religious insight, scars, wounds, and even it suggests all sorts of destructive activities like
explosions and stuff.