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What Kundli Milan by name has to say about the future of Starcrossed Families?


In a country like India, where the prospect of Joint families is so common, the marriage
between two people is bound to affect the families. So it will not be wrong if we say that in
India, marriages do not take place between two people, but it is a connection between two
families. The Girl getting married will have to adjust to her new life with not only her
husband but his family too. So it becomes very important for the woman to consider Kundli
Milan by name for the family. 

In turn, a bad pea can rotten the whole pod, so the man would also wish to consider Kundli
Milan by name to ensure that the harmony of his family does not get disrupted.
The practice of Kundli Milan by name has been stressed upon time and time again to
manifest the future with the better half, but people often forget the role that their and your
family plays to keep a robust and happy marriage. Keeping this in mind, it becomes
paramount for you to check out kundli Milan by name for your future extended family too.    

How new is kundli Milan by name?

Kundli Milan by name is a divine process that is being contemplated since the time of Vedas.
The process of kundli Milan by name for in-laws is a lesser-known practice, but it is not new.
Many people have checked their kundli Milan by name to ensure peace and happiness
between the mothers-in-law of the bride and the Bride. At the same time the happiness
between the mother-in-law of the groom and the groom. In ancient times when people did not
have easy and fast methods of communication, they would use this method to make sure that
the women getting married will have a peaceful life ahead. A strong match by this practice
would also ensure them that she will be safe and happy in her new home. 

Performing Kundli Milan by name for In-laws

Performing kundli Milan by name for in-laws is as easy as performing kundli Milan by name
for the future with prospective bride or groom. The requirements are the same, you may
require the names of the parents of the bride or groom in question and a basic match can be
seen between the opposing parties. All your questions about the nature and wellbeing of your
in-laws will be cleared out with the help of this procedure. 

Ashtakoot method for kundli Milan by name

The Ashtakoot method is being used for generations before. Ashtakoot method is the reading
and calculations done according to the moon placement in the cosmos and the horoscope of
the bride-groom.In the Kundli Milan by name method, at least 18 guans (virtues) need to
match for a happy married life and the blessings of in-laws of both bride and groom.
The eight Kootas (houses) considered in the method are varna, vashya, tara, maitri, gana,
yoni, rashi, and naadi. The positions of planets in these houses and their alignment can
predict the future you will have with the bride or groom and their family. 
Navamsa chart in Kundli Milan by name for in-laws
The navamsa chart or the D9 chart is used at the time of kundli Milan by name to find a better
and more detailed analysis of the direction the future marriage can take and the effect that the

in-laws will have on it in the coming years. Navamsa Chart means Nine Amsa so Navamsa is
nothing but the ninth division of the sign. Every sign in the basic chart consists of thirty
degrees, these are divided into nine parts, which gives a more in-depth analysis of the future
marriage. This can also draw insights into the life you will have with your in-laws.  
Lagna chart consists the knowledge and forecasting about all areas of life, so it becomes hard
to pinpoint the exact thing you are looking for. Finding the technicalities of life with your in-
was is a more unique and specific topic. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. So it is
always advisable for you to ask your astrologer to draw a navamsa chart by kundli Milan by
name if they haven’t done it yet. This will help you to pinpoint exactly what you search for.