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Effects of Weak Moon in Kundali Matching!

Effects of Weak Moon in Kundali Matching!

While the sun is known as the king among planets, the moon is known as the queen among the
planets in kundali matching. In each house of kundali matching, there is a different placement of
the moon which determines whether the moon is malefic or strong. Naturally, the strong position
of the moon comes with positive effects and malefic positives come with negative effects. A
weak moon disrupts the social life and mental health of any individual. In the world of kundali
matching the position of the moon is everything and it must be positioned at a good place. 


Everyone has a very special relationship with their family, especially their mother. A mother is
the most nurturing member of the family and is the most loving member of the family. Moon is
closely associated with the mother in kundali matching and the moon states that a mother
should always be treated with the utmost respect. When the moon is in a weak or malefic
position your relationship with your mother will not be great.

These relations may affect other relations with females that are important in your life. It means
that you and your mother are never on the same page about anything. There may be many
clashes on many different things which may be out of your control. When you have such a
relationship with your mother you’re never truly at peace and thinking about it disturbs you.
According to kundali matching, it is said that if the relations with your mother do not improve
then your moon can get weaker. 


According to kundali matching, whenever there’s a powerful effect of inauspicious Ketu and
Rahu in anyone’s horoscope can weaken the moon. The moon is badly weakened by this
and the individual may have insomnia and unrest. Insomnia and other sleeping problems are
very common in the case of a weak moon.

Any individual with a weak moon suffers from sleeping problems and many times these
problems cause the individual to become unrest in life. These problems can be the root of other
serious mental problems due to a weak or malefic moon. Insomnia and constant unrest can
disbalance the mental pace of the individual which is extremely harmful to them. These mental
problems are also the sign of a weak moon and these problems may turn into mental diseases.