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Kundali Matching by Name for Prospective Brides


Marriage is a great gamble in life. While getting married you need to make sure that you play
this gamble with all the pointers covered. The name of a person can define the way they live.
The practices in astrology keep the first letter of the name of a person in high regard. Every
zodiac has its first letter which has been assigned to it for a long time.

Kundali matching by name for the bride becomes highly significant since she will be leaving
the house and settling down somewhere else. The practices of arranged marriages are very
common in India so to make sure that the bride settles well in her new family, performing
kundali matching by name is very important.

Kundali matching by name especially for India

Kundali matching by name is practiced primarily all over India and even in the western world
if the details of the possible bride and groom are not available. In traditional methods, details
like date of birth along with the time and place of birth are given importance. In many cases,
these details are not available so kundali matching by name comes to their rescue. For a
prospective bride, the kundali matching by name tells all about the possibilities she will have
in her future life.

Kundali matching by name also tells her about the life she will have with
her in-laws. In India, it is very common for people to live with their parents in joint families.
In such a case the prospective bride needs to find all the information she can have about her
in-laws. Gaining sight in actual life becomes very difficult in the few meets that arranged
marriages provide. Kundali matching by name helps here.

How to practice kundali matching by name for the prospective bride?

For prospective brides, practising kundali matching by name is very easy on the online
platforms provided. She just needs to enter her name and the name of the possible groom in
the placeholders and let the magic take place. All the details of her future life and the doshas
(issues) will be revealed in her chart. She should make sure that she does the remedies
required so that she has a happy and stable marital life ahead.

The remedies for kundali matching by name

The doshas could be of the form Mangal dosha or Nadi dosha. Do not worry if you have them
in the analysis done by kundali matching by name. They are very common and so their
remedies are easy too. 

Mangal dosha means that you have an effect of mangal(mars) on your horoscope. The effect
of mangal can be malefic so to eradicate it various ceremonies are done. The other problem
can be Nadi dosh. This happens when the Nadi of both the probable bride and groom happens
to be the same. These doshas, found in Kundali Matching by name are not very serious but
this does not mean that they should be ignored. Meet an astrologist to find the solutions that match best with your problem.