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Optimistic Role of Rahu and Ketu in Kundali Matching for Marriage!!

Optimistic Role of Rahu and Ketu in Kundali Matching for Marriage!!

Rahu and Ketu can be both very beneficial for you or very dangerous for you depending upon
its position in kundali matching for marriage. It can cause very sudden events in your life which
may be positive or negative in kundali matching for marriage. The ability to overcome the moon
and sun is quite unique but it is not always in the favor of both. When it is in the favour of Rahu
and Ketu the rewards can be huge in kundali matching for marriage. Both Rahu and Ketu have
different types of positive effects in kundali matching for marriage. 

Positive factors of Rahu

The negative effects of Rahu are quite severe and it can affect your brain. The positive effects
of Rahu in the right position are pretty huge too in kundali matching for marriage. It is capable of
completely changing one’s fortune and worth in life. It can make someone a success story
overnight and turn a poor person’s life around by making them rich in their life. The biggest thing
that comes from a well-positioned Rahu is creativity.

Creativity can help you in many aspects of your life and you can build many careers due to creativity in any society. People with positive Rahu are often great writers, artists, authors, or even scientists at a very high level. It can make you very famous and a big commodity in your profession. However these are not the only
professions people with a positive Rahu can thrive in, many people score big in administration
and others can find a home in police duty in which they take care of the society.

With creativity comes liberation, people with positive Rahu are famous for inspiring people or liberating people
which may be in the form of spiritual leaders or yoga masters. People get attracted to them and want to be liberated. As a result, people with a positive Rahu will most likely gain fame and money in life. 

Positive effects of Ketu

A positive and well-placed Ketu has many benefits which make one’s life a lot better. A well-
positioned Ketu has the power to make you something big in your career and society. People
around you will know that you’re a man of status and class. Your friends will compliment your
lifestyle which will, even more, boost your status in society.

A positive Ketu is a very important tool in kundali matching for marriage. Any individual’s married life is very precious to them and they want their married life to be perfect. A positive Ketu makes sure that your married life is full of happiness and love in kundali matching for marriage. It means that you have found that
the perfect person who will be with you throughout your life in any condition.

Apart from married life, a positive Ketu focuses on development. You will always have new developments in your life that make it better and those developments will be unprecedented.