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Know about the magical world of kundali name matching

Know about the Magical World of Kundali Name Matching

Kundali name matching for marriage is an astrological process that has been used for generations to have an idea of the future marriage between the prospective bride and groom. In a country like India where arranged marriages are common and people do not get much time to know each other kundali name matching becomes an essential prerequisite.

The process of kundali name matching uses the idea of the name of the bearer of the natal chart and derives insights about their future life. In the modern age, the problems surrounding marriages and relationships have increased so it is best to perform kundali name matching before getting hitched.

Is kundali name matching important?

Kundali name matching with nakshatra matching is a very important part of predicting the life of prospective bride and groom. The information about the planets and the moon can tell a lot about our behaviour.  

Moon tells us a lot about our mentality and mind. To make sure that the marital life is bliss kundali name matching must be performed to check the compatibility between the mentalities of the couple. It’s a fact that kundali name matching is still used to date and is popular amongst the common folks. 

Solutions about kundali name matching not successful

You should not worry when you see that kundali name matching is not successful. The process of kundali name matching is important and must be considered. You must also check for other factors like date of birth for checking the compatibility between the prospective bride and groom.

If the kundali name matching is not successful you must have a word with your astrologer to seek remedies. You need to have a score of at least eighteen Kootas out of thirty-six, according to Ashtakoot method of kundali name matching to ensure that the marriage will be a success in the future.

If the remedies do not work out for you and you still wish to marry, you can as there are some exceptions but they are very few. SO not checking kundali name matching before getting married can be a gamble at your side.

The process of kundali name matching

In the kundali name matching the names of the people who wish to marry are very important to make a prediction. The kundali name matching can be cone using the Asthakoot Milan in which the natal chart of the seeker is divided into eight houses with a total score of thirty-six.

The least important house in the Asthakoot method for kundali name matching is Varna with one point and the most important house for the Asthakoot method in kundali name matching is Nadi with eight points.

The varna house tells about the social class of the person. It was used in ancient times and is obsolete now and hence the least important house. The Nadi house talks about the pulse or the heath of a person and is very important to take into consideration.