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What if Kundali is Not Matching?: Get your Answers Here!

What if Kundali is Not Matching Get your Answers Here!

While matching kundalis there are several questions that pop in the minds of the natives, one of which is what if kundali is not matching. Well, to answer this question you will have to know the reasons and remedies behind the same. Have a look at some doshas and their remedies and then find out whether or not you should get married if kundali is not matching. 

Nadi Dosha in kundali matching 

There is always one question that the natives ask themselves before getting married, which is what if kundali is not matching. Well, there is a simple answer to this question and simple reasoning behind this question. Different doshas are responsible in this case the first one is Nadi dosha. This dosha, highlights several problems in married life, like accidents, misunderstandings, lack of compatibility, emotional roughage, job loss, and a lot more of such aspects. But there is a solution to everything and every dosha in kundali matching. The question of “what if kundali is nit matching” can be answered by solving these doshas. Remedies to Nadi dosha are as follows. 

  • Maha mrityunjay jaap on a daily basis what give you the answer. 
  • Donating clothes and food items to needy people will help you rule out this dosha. 

Mangal dosha in Kundali matching

Another dosha, which is quite a common one is Mangal dosha. Your question of “what if kundali is not matching?” is also answered by the description of this deadly dosha. Mangal dosha is one’s kundali signifies a huge delay in marriage. This dosha causes a lot of afflicted combinations in your kundali due to which the natives are not able to find a perfect match for their kundalis. The remedies to this dosha are as follows: 

  • Kumbh viva is something that astrologer recommend to eradicate this dosha 
  • Mangal Shanti puja will rule out the influence of this dosha. 
  • Wearing Suitable gemstones will help you eradicate the mangal dosha and its effects on your natal charts. 
  • worshipping Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays is also one of the ways to rule this dosha out. 
  • Worshipping Lord Vishnu on a daily basis is also proven to be helpful. 

The Ultimate question: Should we get married if kundalis don’t match? 

Even though the traditions in India are given utmost importance, but are these traditions considered the deciding factor in terms of answering the question of what if kundali is not matching? Well, as per the current developments in generations and their thought process, people tend to give less importance to superstitions and more to their hearts. 

What if kundali is not matching? Will, you not get married? Nothing is farther from the truth, of course, you can get married, if that is what your heart wants. There is nothing more important than pure love and emotion in a relationship, so even if kundali is not matching you can trust your heart and take this leap of faith with your partner, and live happily ever after.