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Advantages of Janma Kundali Matching

Advantages of Janma Kundali Matching

Janma Kundali Matching refers to the matching of the horoscopes of two individuals who are set to marry one another. Janma Kundali Matching is an ancient Vedic system of Astrology where two Kundalis of the prospective groom and the prospective bride are prepared and then matched to see their compatibility level with one another. Janam Kundali is prepared with three ingredients: date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Janam Kundali Matching has a lot of advantages. Let us look at them one by one.

Janam Kundali Matching helps you make better judgments

In India, arranged marriages are very common even today. It doesn’t matter where the bride and the groom’s family search for their children, be it online or through advertisements, Janam Kundali Matching surely happens. It is like a protocol, an extra layer of assurance to assuage whether their children are the perfect fit for one another or not. Janam Kundali Matching through its well-illicit parameters can give rare insights into the couple’s personality and help them understand each other better and thus leading to better judgments.

Janam Kundali Matching does not limit itself to Destiny

If you know anything about Janam Kundali Matching, you know that various Astro-Vedic Remedies are also given to be performed to sustain the harmony of the marriage in the future. These remedies are suggested in case of any type of Doshas found in matchmaking. The Doshas could be of various kinds which affect their matrimony in terms of health, progeny, future financial condition, etc. Thus, Janam Kundali does not limit itself to the Destiny or the script of life but rather helps the couple navigate through challenging times and build something of their own which is lasting & staunch.

Janam Kundali Matching is a science, not Religion

It is a putrid notion to see Janam Kundali Matching as a religious activity. Although it could be a part of religious ceremonies which happen in Hindu Marriages, Janam Kundali Matching is rather an astrological science that is firmly rooted in studying the arrangement of celestial bodies at the time when the individual was born and its possible effects on the baby. Thus, it is very important not to mix science and religion, or just term Janam Kundali Matching as a pseudo-science. It is not a pseudo-science.

Janam Kundali Matching is not an obstacle in your Love Marriage System

To see Janam Kundali Matching as an obstacle would be very childish of us. Rather, Janam Kundali Matching helps the partner gain insight into each other’s personalities and to understand each other on a deeper level and not just be on the surface level. Guna Milan which is a part of Janam Kundali Matching is the first step that takes place when it comes to matching the Kundalis. A score of 18 or more is required for the said individuals to garner for their marriage to be considered suitable and workable. Although if the score is less, there are other arrangements for it too.