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Why is Kundali Matching by Nakshatra given so much importance?

Why is Kundali Matching by Nakshatra given so much importance?

Vedic Kundali Matching is very different from other Western Matchmaking methods. The essential aspect of what makes Vedic Kundali Matching different from its other counterparts is the special emphasis on the Moon. Hence, Kundali Matching by Nakshatra is another way to check the compatibility status between two individuals who wish to marry one and another.

In Kundali Matching by Nakshatra, Nakshatra is the term that has been given to signify a lunar mansion. A Nakshatra is of 28 sectors and each Nakshatra’s name is related to a prominent star located nearby it in their respective sectors.

The starting point or the beginning point of Nakshatra in Kundali Matching by Nakshatra is called Krittika. Nakshatras play a very important role in Kundali Matching by Nakshatra. When a child is born in India, an elaborate name-keeping ceremony is arranged to name the baby.

The first suspicious name given to the baby is always needing to correspond to the Nakshatra the child is born in. Nakshatra simply in layman terms could be said position of the moon. Once you calculate the position of the moon at the time of the baby’s first, this gives you four different sounds.

The learned Pundit then picks the one sound out of the four which relates to the division or pada of the Nakshatra. This is a very elaborate, ritualistic ceremony where many rare insights are delivered to the parents about their baby.

Why is Nakshatra important in Kundali Matching by Nakshatra?

A Nakshatra is important in Kundali Matching by Nakshatra as it shows us the direction of a person’s energy or prana. This energy flow helps determine many aspects of the person.

A Nakshatra can talk about the mental character of the person, his or her hidden talents, or future possible pursuits, it also helps in identifying the major chunk of their karma and how it can affect their life in many different ways through the vasanas that they hold.

This is how a Nakshatra is vital in Vedic Kundali Matching or Kundali Matching by Nakshatra.

A Moon as a celestial body is always used to signify the hidden, dark desires of a person, their shadow line, their emotions, feelings, past, whether it be a past of trauma or a past bearing fruits.

A Moon has always been used as the symbol of nostalgia in different cultures of the world and is thus exclusively used in Kundali Matching by Nakshatra or simply, Kundali Matching.

A marriage between two individuals can be made or broken with the sheer intensity of emotions. Hence, Nakshatra has always been a vital part of Vedic Kundali Matching and is also called Kundali Matching by Nakshatra.

The Sun is always related to the actions that are discernible and tangible but to make and do those actions, you have a predetermined software which is signified by the Moon, your emotions.

A major chunk of the population of this world is emotional thus Nakshatra is a very important part of Kundali Matching.