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What if Kundali is not matching? Challenges and Remedies

What if Kundali is not matching? Challenges and Remedies

Kundali Milan and its importance in the society

Kundali Matching is a crucial step performed to guarantee that the potential husband and wife are suitable with one another. When the Kundali is matched, it ensures that the wedded life of the couple in question would be pleasant and joyful. What if Kundali is not matching? It is a cause of worry but maybe tackled with professional advice.

With the rising impact of Modern civilization, most couples no longer contemplate matching Kundli, seeing it as a meaningless ceremony. Although their constellations are not aligning nicely for them, several such individuals are perfectly capable of working things out among them. However, we cannot overlook the growing number of divorce cases in India, which is mostly the result of mismatching compatibility between the couple. So, what if Kundali is not matching? You can still make things work.

Presence of doshas in Kundali explained

Ashta Koota Milan is performed in Kundali Matching, wherein 36 marks are evaluated between the two respective Kundalis. Scoring Eighteen or perhaps more score is considered suitable for a successful married life. A score under eighteen is not regarded as feasible, and it is suggested not to proceed with the marital partnership.

Despite having the required skills, with the presence of Doshas in the Kundali, you are extremely likely to wind yourself in a poisonous partnership. This will also have an impact on your separate careers. You will both wind up fostering an unpleasant situation for yourselves and your children.

Dosha in the relationship will not ruin it totally, but you’ll never be content in a marriage if you have any type of dosha. Whether you have dosha or not, treatments such as pooja and chanting will typically detoxify yourself and your karma. Staying with a dosha will undoubtedly seem like living a nightmare, regardless of how much you both love another.

What can be done to minimize the effects of Doshas?

However, there is always a solution to every difficulty! There is a cure for everything. So, what if kundali is not matching? Don’t be concerned if your Janam Kundali does not fit the spouse of your choosing.

If the gunas do not fit, the charts of both persons must be thoroughly evaluated well with the assistance of an expert astrologer. If the charts indicate the existence of doshas, the puja vidhis (rituals) for these doshas should be performed prior to the marriage. This can counteract the malefic influences of the constellations that cause such doshas, allowing the pair to have a blissful married life may be both a blessing and a curse for a person.

What if kundali is not matching? We have to depend on Venus, the planet of marriages and love life. It can assist to alleviate pessimism. Wearing the white sapphire can help to increase Venus’s influence. This might provide the wearer a happy married life.  Nevertheless, before having to wear such jewels, you should seek professional advice from an astrologer. If diamonds are worn without adequate supervision, they can draw malevolent planet impacts.

When you just disagree simply because of mismatched kundalis, consider other options. Based on your birth charts, an experienced astrologer may provide a detailed analysis.