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What is the difference between detailed Kundali matching & simple Kundali Matching?

What is the difference between detailed Kundali matching & simple Kundali Matching?

Before delving deep into the question of detailed Kundali Matching and simple Kundali Matching let us know what Kundali matching is. Kundali Matching is an ancient old process to test the compatibility of two individuals before they get married to each other. Kundali Matching is based on Astrology and has complex and advanced Astrological steps to figure out genuine and honest results. Nowadays there are many Kundali Matching options and software available online. They are fun to explore on the surface level but they will never fetch you deep results after a thorough analysis that can only be done under the supervision and guidance of an experienced Astrologer. Detailed Kundali Matching is done with these three vital ingredients. These three vital ingredients used in detailed Kundali matching are date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Whereas simple Kundali matching refers to the process of Kundali Matching which could be done with the name and date of birth of two individuals. It does not give out a proper analysis of our compatibility check which detailed Kundali Matching does. Let us know what other factors detailed Kundali Matching holds within itself.

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The first step in detailed Kundali Matching is Guna Milan

If you are an avid Internet surfer who loves to read posts and blogs about detailed Kundali Matching, you must have come across this term known as Guna Milan. Many people believe that detailed Kundali Matching & Guna Milan are the same. This is not so. The very first step in detailed Kundali Matching is Guna Milan. Guna Milan is a part of detailed Kundali Matching, not vice versa. Guna Milan in detailed Kundali matching is based on the Ashtakoot method which renders information about the two individuals about their financial situation after marriage, their childbirth prospects, their physical, sexual, mental, and spiritual compatibility with each other, etc.

There is a concept of Doshas & Upayas in Detailed Kundali Matching

Doshas refer to the malefic aspects of planets which can be figured out with Detailed Kundali Matching. These malefic aspects and the impact of planets on the two individuals can be detrimental if not treated rightly. To treat these Doshas in detailed Kundali Matching, we have Upayas or Vedic-Astro remedies which are only suggested by the astrologer face to face. The emphasis is given to face-to-face interaction with the astrologer is because if you have any queries, the astrologer will be able to answer them in detail.

Hence, this is what detailed Kundali Matching is about and it is a lot different than the various Vedic Kundali Matching software you come across. It is always best to consult an experienced astrologer if you are interested in getting detailed Kundali Matching done of yourself with your partner. It is bounded to fetch invaluable information to you which will prove to be beneficial later in life.