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Kundali matching for marriage by name of both Partners

Kundali matching for marriage by name of both Partners

When anyone asks if we should base our married life choices on Kundali matching for marriage by name, the answer would have been a yes if it had been posed ten years ago and just in India. If we consider today’s perspective, we would answer emphatically no. Don’t depend on Kundali matching for marriage by name for anything as significant as your future life partner.

To do so, we must first comprehend the specifics of Kundali Milan.

Kundali Matching Process

When a Kundali is intertwined with the bride and groom’s help names, or, more specifically, the very first sound syllables are taken into account. 

Everything is OK up to this point. The spouses-to-be are therefore believed to have been named precisely according to the Nakshatra naming method. Once the bride’s and groom’s respective Nakshatras are determined, the marriage matchmaking procedure is then done at the Nakshatra level of marital suitability.

And if it all goes as planned, we obtain astrological match responses that are just marginally less accurate than Kundali matching by date. However, there is a concern, as well as a high possibility of error. Who would ensure that the individuals in question were named according to Indian astrology’s Nakshatra-based naming system? If none of the two, or any of them, is not named according to these Nakshatra naming criteria, the whole concept Kundali matching for marriage by name will crumble. And no exact findings will be obtained. 

As from point of view of our time, when the English language is dominating, there is a very high possibility of mistakes. Please note that naming premised on Nakshatras was not created for the English language. As a result, there is a linguistic barrier with this technique of Kundali matching for marriage by name.

How different is Kundali Milan by name from Kundali Milan by date?

Date of birth Kundali Milan analyses the compatibility variables among the boy and girl planning on getting hitched together in great detail. Horoscope matching may be based on the Ashtakakot technique’s eight Koota or the Dashakoot technique’s ten Porutham.

In contrast to the zodiac sign level of horoscope matching, Kundali matching for marriage by name depends on the Nakshatra level of appropriateness and matching. 

Birth information matching is more thorough than Kundali matching. It is similar to the Nakshatra matching in that it includes additional factors such as mental and sensual compatibility. In addition, Kundali matching for marriage by name cannot detect doshas such as Mangal dosha and Nadi dosha.

How can Kundali match by name aid in marriage?

Kundali matching for marriage by name may be useful in some situations. For instance, consider two individuals who have been named using the Nakshatra naming method in Vedic astrology, and the birth information of either of them was lost here by the time they reached marrying age. In such situations, Kundali matching for marriage by name may help the pair and their family evaluate their suitability and marriage.