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Does Name Kundali Matching require date of birth?

Does Name Kundali Matching require date of birth?

Name Kundali Matching is one of the most famous Kundali Matching methods that is practiced all around the world. Many people consider the whole science of Kundali Matching exclusively Hindu. Living in the year 2021, we must all understand and know that the term “Hindu” was never used initially to refer to a specific religion. The land beyond the Sindh River was referred to as Sindhu which later became Hindu by different language speaking people who came to the Indian subcontinent either as travelers, merchants, traders, or missionaries. Now let us answer all the questions related to Name Kundali Matching, where has it been derived from, and what is its true significance.

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What is Name Kundali Matching?

As the title of this most famous and commonly practiced Kundali Matching method suggests, the most important factor in Name Kundali Matching is the name. In India, a name-keeping ceremony always takes place whether a household is rich or poor. A Pundit or a trusted Astrologer is always invited to preside over the ceremony and tell the parents auspicious syllable to begin the name of the brand, new baby. When it concerns marriage, the names of two individuals can tell a lot more than their past dating history or behaviours. Hence, in Name Kundali matching, the starting syllable or the alphabetical sound is carefully sliced out by the astrologer to derive the two individual’s birth zodiac sign or Rashi. Once the Rashi or their birth zodiac signs are ascertained, then the further methods take place in Name Kundali Matching.

Should I try out the Name Kundali Matching software available online?

If you are a dilettante of Vedic Astrology and want to gain some new insights, you should give a try to all these software of Name Kundali Matching and maybe try matching your and your crush’s horoscope for a start. Although if you are someone who is serious about their partnership with a person and wish to develop it into a full-fledged marriage, then it is better if you go for detailed Kundali Matching rather than Name Kundali Matching. In detailed Kundali matching, three integrals are needed to match horoscopes. These three integrals are the name, date of birth, and place of birth of both individuals who wish to get married to one another.

The disadvantage in this Name Kundali Matching software is that they work on mechanized data. That means it turns all the old data stored new but it is simply plain, and not specific to your case. It may be able to fetch you some mind-blowing authenticities about your personality and your crush’s personality but it is not hundred percent accurate. For accuracy whether it be Name Kundali Matching or any other method, please consult a proper, trusted astrologer.